Feb 25

#TVrecap - 02.24.2012

This will be the first in a series of posts called #TVrecap that recap the day’s most popular shows and their hashtags. This way you can catchup on the offscreen action just in case you missed it.

In addition to the daily #TVrecap we will also be using our Facebook, Twitter and Google+ channels to connect you with the chatter about the latest episode of your favorite TV series or show in realtime as new episodes air. Make sure to friend, follow, or circle us to be notified of new episodes and join the conversation. 

#TVrecap serves as a placeholder until the official site is launched. Here is today’s #TVrecap for 02.24.2012: 

Have a show you like that you don’t see listed? Please use the add a new show page and we’ll add the new listing within 24 hours. When adding a new show please make sure to include the following information or we will not be able to add it to our listings:

  • Channel show originally airs on (ie: Fox)
  • Name of the show (ie: American Idol)
  • Date/Time the show airs NEW episodes (ie: Mondays at 6PM EST/9PM PST)
  • Hashtag the show uses, if known (ie: #americanidol)

As soon as we have the information we will add it to the site. Submit your favorite shows today!