Jan 15

Invite codes sent! American Idol Premiere!

And all systems go! We decided to wait until a big show was premiering to launch the invites and what better show than American Idol! See what other people think of the hilarious (and sometimes amazing) auditions live, and in realtime!

If you requested an invite, you’ve got mail! Missed the boat? Here is a custom code that is good for the next 50 snatch it up: SECONDCHANCE use it here. Sign up now and let us know what you think! We want to take social TV to the next level! Also search twitter for #hashtagtv for other chances at invite codes!

Aug 17

#PrivateBeta - WE ARE BACK!!

It’s been a long time since you’ve heard from us but it’s because we have been VERY hard at work. HashtagTV is almost ready to make it’s debut! Before we open the doors to everyone we need to make sure the hamsters are running right behind the scenes.


Private beta is coming! Be the first to gain access by applying at http://hashtagtv.co.

Look forward to seeing you on the inside!

Mar 08



We will be taking a short break from our daily #TVrecap posts to focus on developing the HashtagTV beta. We will continue to post select shows to our twitter stream as new episodes air, but in order to maximize productivity and expedite the beta which will make everything 1000% more awesome and interactive, we have to scale back in other areas- and for us that means a break from #TVrecap posts until we have the beta up.

You can still follow us on twitter to catch the realtime tv action each night, and soon you’ll be able to simply go to HashtagTV to get the full HTTV experience. We are working hard and fast to get the beta up and running as soon as possible, we have a small but talented team working hard to make big things happen with very little resources.

Don’t forget to signup on our homepage to stay up to date and be part of the initial beta test group!

Mar 06

#NewGirl Interactive Music Video →

I thought this was a cool parallel to run alongside the show today, did you catch the new episode?

Mar 02

#TVrecap 03.01.2012

Here’s the #TVrecap for 03.01.2012:

More shows on tonight- follow our twitter feed for the live action tonight! Thanks again for tuning in!

Mar 01

#TVrecap - 02.29.2012

Here’s the #TVrecap for 02.29.2012:

Soon we’ll update the show listings page with all the latest shows/tags. Sorry to any Instagram followers who got flooded with images from our current season update last night, we had to play a little catch up!

Thanks again for tuning in, watch our twitter feed for tonight’s new shows!

Mar 01


Our blog now support comments via @disqus! Please let us know what you think, what you want us to change, and how we can better connect you with your favorite shows!

Feb 29

#TVrecap - 02.28.2012

More new shows and hashtags thanks to the Add New Show page. Please follow us on twitter to catch the action as it happens. Here’s today’s #TVrecap for 02.28.2012:

This sleeping pill is really kickin in… so that’s all for tonight! Thanks for tuning in! -_-

Feb 28

#TVrecap - 02.27.2012

We’re trying to manually track more shows now, and we appreciate everyone that has submitted requests via the Add New Show page. Make sure to follow us on twitter to catch these shows LIVE but for those of you who missed it, here’s today’s #TVrecap for 02.27.2012:

Thanks again and don’t forget to checkout our other channels on the right!

    Feb 27

    #nowplaying #monday

    LOTS of new episodes are airing right now, I’m sure you’ll find something you like! Stuff is happening too fast for me to keep up with right now, follow our twitter to stay on top of the realtime action.

    We’ll circle back here later tonight for the #tvrecap. Thanks for watching!